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The ruckus attracts citizens, peace officers, supporters of the Montagues and Capulets, and eventually Lord and Lady Capulet and Lord and Lady Montague.

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Situated next to him was a framed copy of the 1958
Norman Rockwell painting "The Runaway".

As most of us can certainly attest, this is a print that can be seen in almost every police station and "cop bar" in North America, and is a universal icon as to the image of "the policeman is your friend". As a proud and serving Auxiliary Staff Sergeant with the Ontario Provincial Police, I can attest that in my many travels throughout Canada and the United States, this image is typically displayed in an area of prominence for every detachment, barracks, precinct house, outpost and academy I have visited. It has been given to perhaps tens of thousands of law enforcement officers on this continent as Christmas, birthday and retirement presents for decades. Well, it didn't take the formal introduction to make me realize that this noble man standing before our crowd, was none other than the officer "himself" from this famous painting, retired Massachusetts State Police Sgt. Richard J. "Dick" Clemens !!! Clemens was a member of the 37th Recruit Training Troop of the Massachusetts State Police. He joined the agency on Oct. 23, 1953 and served until his retirement on Jan. 4, 1975.

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Thursday, September 10th, 2009 marked attending my fourth National Troopers Coalition Picnic which was hosted that year by the Delaware State Troopers Association. The day was threatened by an impending rain and wind storm off the Atlantic, but the day started-off with some positive yet cautious promise. I had settled-in with the other vendors along the tree line and was soon greeted by my friend, Lt Jason Sapp of the Delaware State Police who had advised me and my buddies that there would be a surprise that would give us all goose-bumps a bit later on. "Norm...you're gonna be amazed...trust me" he said. When I heard the Delaware State Police pipe band marching-up the field a couple of hours later, I figured that "the moment" was at hand and raced-up with camera at the ready as the crowd began to gather. An introduction pointed towards a distinguished elderly gentleman with a vibrant shock of white hair, dressed smartly with jacket and tie and with a most pleasant demeanor.

His actions following the incident demonstrate that he is a great commanding officer who ..
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The scenes are busy and various, the incidents numerous and important, the catastrophe irresistibly affecting, and the process of the action carried on with such probability, at least with such congruity to popular opinions, as tragedy requires.
Here is one of the few attempts of Shakespeare to exhibit the conversation of gentlemen, to represent the airy sprightliness of juvenile elegance.

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The Metropolitan District Commission's Police Department; the Massachusetts Metro Police was created in 1893. The Metro Police had the primary jurisdiction of law enforcement on all MDC controlled properties, roadways and all Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) facilities, Reservoirs and Watersheds. Additionally, the Metro Police had patrol jurisdiction on US Route 1 in Chelsea and Revere, Interstate 93 in Boston and Milton (Central Artery and the Southeast Expressway). The Metro Police also had full jurisdcition with communities throughout Greater Boston.
The Metro Police were the third largest police agency in New England with over six hundred officers working primarily throughout Metropolitan Boston. In addition to patrol functions the Metro Police provided tactical assistance to area cities and towns in the form of regional SWAT teams, the Marine Unit and tactical operations units. Examples include Tactical Officers assigned to the city of Boston during court ordered school desegregation, assignment as the primary security agency for the Department of State with the responsibility of providing security and escorts for visiting dignitaries and annual assignments to assist cities and towns during the Boston Marathon.
The Metro Police also maintained a full service detective unit to investigate crimes on its primary jurisdiction as well as providing Detectives and undercover agents to area cities and towns,area Drug Task Forces, the state Auto Theft Strike Force, the DEA Boston Drug Task Force, the Secret Service and the FBI.
The last chief of the MDC Police was former Boston Police Commissioner William J. Bratton, who later was NYPD Commissioner and Los Angeles Police Department chief.
The following current Massachusetts State Police Barracks were MDC Police districts: MSP Barracks A4 - Medford (Middlesex Fells District); MSP Barracks A5 - Revere (Revere Beach); MSP Barracks H4 - Boston, next to Museum of Science (Lower Basin District); MSP Barracks H5 - Brighton on Soldier's Field Rd (Upper Basin District); MSP Barracks H6 - South Boston (Old Colony District); MSP H7 - Milton (Blue Hills District); MSP Barracks C7 - Belchertown (Quabbin District).
Additionally, the following State Police Units are based out of former MDC Police facilities:
MSP Marine Unit (New Charles River Dam, Boston); MSP Canine Unit (Pond St., Stoneham).
The following former MDC police stations were closed in the first few years after the consolidation: Wachusett District (Wachusett and Sudbury Reservoirs and Watersheds); Nantasket Beach District (Nantasket Beach, Hull); Nahant Beach Substation (Nahant Beach); Mounted Unit Stables (Stoneham and Milton).

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The flags are each 90' X 21' and have to be hoisted by crane to fly in the wind or by hundreds of persons when displayed on the ground. The Flag Truck is housed outside of Boston, Massachusetts by the driver, Mark Valentine. The actual truck has some interesting features.
The official license plate for the National Flag Truck is registered to the Massachusetts State Police as "1D." which is the older designation for an MSP support vehicle.
Prior to the "Aitken issue" MSP license plate seen here, the National Flag Truck bore the previous 1981-1989 issue MSP license plate also with number 1 D.