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An autobiographical incident essay is about self, so make sure you do justice to this part of the essay.

This part of the essay has to be the moral of the story.

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Once you have developed a sense of the faculty's interests and the department's special features, you can make it clear in your application exactly why you want to attend that particular school. What is it about the department's curriculum structure or general approach to the field that makes you interested in being a student there? Don't waste your valuable essay space, or your reader's valuable time, telling the reader how wonderful or prestigious their institution is; people on the admissions committee already know this. They want to know about you.

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If, during your research on the department's faculty, a faculty member strikes you as someone whom you might be interested in working with, indicate this in your essay; be concise and specific about why you want to work with this person in particular. A word of caution here: Do not try to use this as a way to "butter up" the admissions committee, because if there is any reason to believe that you are not sincere, your application may be adversely affected. Again, mention the person and how their work relates to your interest, but don't load this statement with what might be interpreted as false or superfluous praise.

Free Essays on Interesting Incident In My Childhood. Get help with your writing. 1 through 30

Incidents may be of many types.

It is also in the body where your realizations or reflection should be written. The realization should be about your thoughts. It should be easy since there is no researching unlike when you are writing an informative essay. The realization may be based on the effects. It may also include whether you think the effects of the incident is good or bad. It may also include what could be worse or better that happened. It may also be about the lessons you learned or from which readers could learn. You may also discuss the benefits you got or what you have lost because of that particular experience.

may not sound that interesting to others.

Write the first draft from this, then try to find an angle or a hook which can sink into the admissions committee; a good place to start is with an original and provoking opening paragraph. One of the worst things you can do with your personal statement is to bore the admissions committee, yet that is exactly what most applicants do. Admissions committees see thousands of "I have always wanted to be a..." opening paragraphs, so a good way to make the essay more interesting is to write about an anecdote or memorable incident that led you to choose the particular profession. This can help add drama, vitality, and originality to the statement. It is important, however, that the anecdote is related to the questions asked and not just a retelling of a catchy life drama.

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If possible, also try to mention how the writing of this essay helped you in remembering the incident so well, and how it was successful in motivating you, once again.

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Try and end the essay with a proverb, for a better and stronger effect.

This is the way and method in which you should write your autobiographical incident essay.

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