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Very well said. All this security theater has a cost, and that cost also includes lives not to mention tons of money, frustration and reduced mental health.

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The 9/11 attacks resulted in over 2900 deaths. The most recent figures I could find (year ending 2007), put the monthly death toll on US roads at 3400.

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Essay on road safety and my responsibility song

You bring up a number of good points, here. I mean, how could we trust a socialist? Socialism *is* synonymous with evil, after all. And evil is bad.

Essay on road safety and my responsibility song

It's more effective than you'd think. My parents always gave me that exact advice, and to this day I've only been brutally murdered five, maybe six times. Forty six times, if you count the two days I spent in Detroit that one time.

The Ultimate Essay On Road Safety And My Responsibility Song Key

It is so nice to read an article that calmly addresses the issue of terrorism. Instead of wild individual-right busting solutions, we simply express liberty and those other attributes we claim to praise as a nation. That coupled with smart application of security is what actually makes us safer.

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If the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the Citizens' protection from the Government, then individual Government Officials, purportedly have broken fundamental laws of this Democratic Republic. Why doesn"t the DOJ bring them to account and be imprisoned? This seems to be a treasonable act(s).

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Exactly About Road Safety Essay Pdf Sample

"I'm wondering how many here would think that "DR" is "security theater" for businesses. Aren't those based on "movie plot" and rare instances?"

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And just to confirm the point in the UK we had some local elections where the ballot count was equal for two candidates, how did the "returning officer" decide which one got the job?

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Essay on road safety and my responsibility song

There's a reason the Department of Justice doesn't defer to you on who ought to go to prison. But, since I don't want to ruin all the fun, I'll let you figure out what that reason might be. You have my permission to ask the other children for hints.