Gun Control has obviously gone out of control in the recent years.

It is possible that in banning handguns we are missing the real point.

Another reason why handgun bans fail to protect people is because they do not deal with the real issue.

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The only real way to eliminate most gun violence is to eliminate the availability of guns.

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(2011) have noted, “If you buy more than one handgun from [a] retailer within 5 business days, the retailer must report the details of your purchase to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).”Large or unusual gun purchases, such as multiple purchases in a short period of time, will be flagged; this may result in a brief investigation to ensure that illegal activities are not being planned or taking place.

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(2) Effective Intervention. A culture of trust enables effective intervention. We know that, in city after city, a very small and readily identifiable segment of the community is responsible for the vast majority of gun violence. We need a strategy to intervene with these individuals before they commit violence. Boston pioneered this strategy in the 1990s, now known as the Group Violence Intervention (GVI) strategy, in which respected communities leaders and law enforcement work directly with individuals at risk of violent behavior. We are now using this strategy in Connecticut in Project Longevity, which has helped New Haven reduce shootings by as much as 79 percent. Other communities like Richmond, California have implemented similar programs to dramatically reduce violence in which participants receive daily contact from outreach workers, create a life map with both short-term and long-term goals, have the opportunity to travel outside of Richmond, are directly connected with social services, and have the opportunity to earn a stipend for staying in the program and reaching certain milestones.

A second illustration of the ineffectiveness of banning handguns is that of Chicago, Illinois.

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Stamford is one of the safest cities in America. But we cannot rest on Stamford’s reputation or look only to our police department for answers. We must come together as a community to develop a comprehensive plan to prevent gun violence. As chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Rep. was recently invited by President to participate in a White House meeting that focused on concrete, effective strategies other American cities have used to fight gun violence. Many at the White House agreed that the most effective strategies are local.

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Over 30 years ago, I started donating to the Brady. I needed to do something to stop innocent victims from being shot every year. I never thought that my life would be impacted by gun violence, but 17 years ago, my daughter, Laura, was killed in a mass shooting.

Develop a community action plan to effectively eliminate gun violence in Stamford.

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Many societies are questioning whether guns really are the helpful tool that many of us have been saying they are, or if they are the killing machines they have recently been publicised as.

Everyone must buy there own gun, meaning not to give them as gifts or anything.

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If there's anything both sides of America's heated and polarizing gun debate may agree on, it's the need to keep firearms out of the hands of people with serious mental illness.

In contrast, criminals do not obey gun control laws just as they do not obey many other laws.

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Local action does not mean local government, acting alone. It is more than effective policing. Communities that are successful in reducing gun violence build comprehensive intervention programs focused on individuals and communities most at risk. Based on these model strategies, Stamford’s plan should start with the following: