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Thus, the two essays that appear to summarize Hume’s aesthetics are best understood as applications of a larger philosophical account of human nature, including our social nature. The construction of each essay suggests a purpose of working out details of the larger project in the face of an obvious counterexample. Those counterexamples are the relativity of taste (SOT) and the pleasure we take in tragic fiction (OT). Yet their limited purpose does not detract from their continuing importance. They provide insight into perennial problems and so serve as the historical foundation for subsequent attempts to defend a subjectivist aesthetic theory.

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(See the essay on Danto in Philosophers, Artists and Critics on Art for a summary of his views.)

Roger fry an essay in aesthetics summary

She demonstrates throughout the essay how we may apply this sort of thought to avoid ethnocentric patterns of thought when we concern ourselves with aesthetics, language, and even every day interactions....

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In this essay, I shall argue that it is not possible for there to be an objective standard of taste that can be defined through a set of binding aesthetic principles that can be used to judge value of artistic works.

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