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The American criminal justice system is on trial. A chorus of commentators – often but not exclusively in the legal academy – has leveled a sharp indictment of criminal process in our country. The indictment charges that large flaws infect nearly every stage of the adjudicatory process. And the prescriptions are equally far reaching, with calls for abolition of many current practices and an overhaul of the entire system. What is more, the critics issue their condemnations essentially as givens, often claiming that all reasonable people could not help but agree that fair treatment of the accused has been fatally compromised. For these critics, “We live in a time of sharply decreasing faith in the criminal justice system.”

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It was disappointing that in the entirety of his comments, Professor Bright did not point to one — not even one -– thing the criminal justice system is doing right. Overlooked are the countless instances where police have wisely dropped an investigation, where prosecutors have wisely declined to prosecute, where plea negotiations have reached eminently sensible resolutions, and where those who have committed unspeakable crimes against their fellow human beings were rightly brought to justice. No one believes the system to be flawless or beyond improvement but Professor Bright’s views only underscore the essential points of my essay: that the criticisms of our criminal justice system have been so one-sided, so replete with unrelieved opprobrium, that a balanced case for reform is made more difficult.

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But it is that bad, Bright has been arguing, for decades, mainly on behalf of those people left entirely out of Wilkinson’s survey of criminal justice. To Bright, the judge is describing a criminal justice system that simply does not exist. Yes, Bright contends, there are components of criminal justice systems that are and ought to be tracked by democratic principles. But the Bill of Rights was designed to guarantee individual rights in need of protection from the caprices of the majority. And everywhere, Bright asserts, America’s judges, lawyers, and politicians are failing to ensure those rights are recognized with remedies that address the mistakes built into the system. In Bright’s view, the degree of bleakness in our criminal justice system depends greatly on the color of a person’s skin, the size of their pocketbook, and random chance — a level of arbitrariness that undermines the rule of law beyond recognition. In response to the judge’s article, Bright writes:

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Offenders,Rights, and the Law- Criminals, Rights, and the Law Gun control has gotten to be one ofthe most smoking topics in America. Albeit numerous individuals inthe United States trust that stricter firearm laws will decreasewrongdoing rates, weapon control will profit nobody with theexception of the powers and culprits, since weapon possession shieldsdecent natives from lawbreakers, government is gradually takingendlessly our rights, and hoodlums will dependably discoverapproaches to gain firearms.

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Ashworth 2009, Simester et al. 2010, and Wells & Quick 2010 areuseful introductory texts on criminal law; Duff & Green 2011 is agood collection of philosophical essays.

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What worthwhile ends could a system of criminal law serve? We cannotsimply say that it should prevent or reduce crime, since without thecriminal law there would be no crimes—no conduct would count ascriminal. However, a number of plausible goals could be posited,reflecting a range of views both about human goods and about the properroles and functions of the state. The American Model Penal Code, forinstance, declares that:

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