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By one estimate, Hitler received $1 million a year in royalty payments alone.

In 1930, a worldwide depression hit Germany and Hitler promised to ridGermany of Jews and Communists and to reunite the German speaking part of Europe.

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While in jail Hitler wrote a book expressing his views on things like politics and religion.

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During Autumn 1941 and the followingWinter, when preparation for the in Europe were infull swing, Hitler spoke at various occasions openly about the annihilation ofthe Jews in Europe.

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The group of people Hitler was discriminating against with this generalization was specified in depth in the laws; they included Jews or anyone related to a Jew by even the smallest link on a family tree, gypsies, Slavs, political dissidents, mentally and physically disabled citizens, Jehovah's Witnesses, African-German children, asocial people, homosexuals, dissenti...

There where more things to The Holocaust World War 2, Hitlers rise to power, and Anne Franks Diary....

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In Mary Karr's memoir, Cherry, one of the relationships that makes an impact on the life of Mary as an adolescent is the one she shares with Meredith. The girls' friendship begins as one based on their mutual belief that they were of superior intelligence. However, it transforms into one built around the support and care they give each other. The girls do this as they struggle through the normal ups and downs of high school, as well as suffer through the pain that is a result of rather dysfunctional families. An important coming of age passage from the novel is one in which an already educated alcohol and drug using Mary completes the request of not so drug savvy Meredith to "corrupt ? her. This passage reveals Mary ?s dissatisfaction with drugs and alcohol as a teen; it also includes Mary's mature, adult commentary on what Meredith really needed at the time.
The theme of coming of age is present in Mary ?s initial insight into how fake the emotional consequences of drugs are. The passage of Meredith's first venture into drugs and alcohol shows how Mary's eyes are opened for the first time to the true emptiness that comes from drugs, which was assumed up until now as being fulfilling. When the idea of Meredith letting down her guard and taking drugs first hits Mary, she believes that it will somehow make the two closer friends. Despite the fact that Mary is delighted when Meredith begins to curse and do other things that are not the norm, it is not until Meredith has passed out that Mary starts to grasp the idea that drugs and alcohol are the exact opposite as what she had always believed. Up until now, drugs were seen as a way to flee the boredom of a typical Leechfield life by Mary and most other teenagers. Mary's first understanding is evident here, "Still the evening lacks the flavor of triumph you'd envisioned for Meredith

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“In January 1933, Hitler became chancellor, and immediately set about making himself absolute ruler using Article 48”(Hitler's Rise to Power), a precedent which allowed Hitler to make decisions without approval given by the Reichstag....

on April 29, 1945, in a civil ceremony in his bunker, Hitler married hismistress of many years, EvaBraun.

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During the interwar period, and leading up to the outbreak of WWII, Hitler presented himself as the strong, self-confident politician that Germany needed to lead the country back to its prior greatness....

When World War I ended Hitler was in a hospital recovering from temporary blindness possibly caused by a poison gas attack.

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In this essay I will show you how Hitler used his vision to become the leader of Germany; as well as, how he implemented a vision for German expansion....

And it was all because of one man, Adolf Hitler, he was one of the most dominant German leaders in history, no doubt about that.

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In 1933, Adolf Hitler came into power over Germany as the prime minister. This was a time after World War I so Germany was struggling financially. Hitler rebuilt the German Army and started the Nazi Regime. He was able to gain the trust of the people of Germany because he increased the employment rate significantly. They did not realize that he did so by hiring two people to do a one-person job. All they could see was that Germany was rising up after a difficult depression. I can completely understand why they trusted Hitler because if Obama provided us with decent paying jobs and pulled us out of the recession we are currently in than we would also believe that he was doing something right and had good intentions. Everything happened so fast that people did not even realize what was going on until it was too late. “It was like a summer storm,” (Erik Larson, In the Garden of Beasts). The Holocaust happened in a flash and engulfed Germany and all the surrounding countries. The question that is always on everyone’s mind may be; how could we have let something like this happen? Could we have stopped Hitler?