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Many researchers contend that George Bush has been with CIA since the early1950s, and that one of his jobs was to consolidate and co-ordinate the worldwidenarcotics industry, the largest industry on Earth.

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Lord ('49), Comptroller of the CurrencyWinston Lord ('59), Chairman of CFR, Ambassador to China and assistant Secretaryof State in the Clinton administrationEver since Nixon re-established America's political relationship with China,many of our ambassadors to that country have been Bonesmen, including GeorgeBush, the first Chief U.

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In July, 1985, the suppressed GAO paper reported that there were "no benefitsfrom the National Narcotics Border Interdiction System, directed by GeorgeBush.

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He wasn't one to hang around with the fellows.''George Bush, in fact, passed his most important days and nights at Yale inthe strange companionship of the senior-year Skull and Bones Society.@s5Out of those few who were chosen for Bones membership, George was the lastone to be notified of his selection--this honor is traditionally reservedfor the highest of the high and mighty.

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Again, from "George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography":"On October 22, 1945, Secretary of War Robert Patterson created the LovettCommittee, chaired by Robert A.

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The National Review ran an essay on September 1 by their White Housecorrespondent Byron York, entitled "Annals of Bush-Hating." It begins mockingly:"Are you aware of the murderous history of George W.

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As I talked about my traumas in that spring of 1991, outside my therapist's window I could see American flags flying from every light pole and sign. The flags fluttered, the yellow ribbons abounded, and the parades marched through American cities. George Bush rocketed to a public-approval rating of 82% as our "turkey shoot" in Iraq progressed. It had fallen to 56% the previous autumn, from its high of 80%, after the USA's troops invaded Panama to arrest Bush's former employee Noriega (they tried to murder him, but Noriega outwitted them by strolling into the Vatican embassy). The public was nearly delirious in its approval of our performance in Iraq, with about 90% of Americans thinking that we had performed a righteous and noble deed.

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Instead of admitting the truth and working to lessen the hatred toward us, Clinton talked about "rogue states" and "terrorist groups." The "terrorist" legislation Clinton tried to push through for years would have given a fairly free hand in defining what a "terrorist" is. Many Americans were afraid that such legislation would make a "terrorist" of anybody who dared criticize our government. If one followed the asset seizure laws enacted by the Reagan administration, for things such as suspected "drug dealing," as 85% of those whose assets were seized were not even charged with anything, but had their assets seized because "they were there," the fears were not outlandish. Asset seizure like that is alive and well in 2014 in the USA. If Clinton got his Fortress America wish (something George Bush the Second pushed for early on, with his outrageous Star Wars missile system, announced before he even took office), America moved one step closer to a police state and a future I would rather not ponder. As of September 11, 2001, those nightmares began coming to pass.