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Nowadays,most essays are assigned in terms of word counts. To fit an essay inthe number of pages required, you will therefore need to utilize theabove highlighted factors. In so doing, a 500 word essay will thus beof any size you desire. However, in applying your desired format,ensure you don't compromise the readability of your document. Eventhough using a font of 36 will enable you to easily meet the requirednumber of pages in a document, it isn't the most ideal course ofaction. Again, making your words tight to fit a bigger word count ina page is not advisable.

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Writing essays is one of the most challenging tasks students gothrough in college. Not only do you have to research on most of theessay topics, but also have to navigate difficulties such as a wordcount limit. Instructors also can limit the length of writings byspecifying the number of pages you have to write.

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How long should your IELTS writing task 1 & task 2 be? Learn how the examiner counts your words and the recommended length of your IELTS essay. This page contains information about:

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