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Word Maps In your group, re-read "The Gettysburg Address".
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250 word essay on battle of gettysburg

Just to compare how big these battles were, the entire American Civil War claimed the lives of a total 620,000 soldiers over a 4-year period (the largest single battle of the Civil War, Gettysburg, had less than 50,000 casualties). The BOM battles attributed to Cumorah had over 3 times as many casualties and in a much more localized area and in a much shorter time frame as the entire American Civil War. Yet no evidence remains of the steel swords, armor, bones, chariots, etc. that were reportedly used by the BOM peoples. Nor are there any Indian records, save the BOM, that tell of such a cataclysmic slaughter.

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Essay on The Turning Point of the American Civil War Battle of Gettysburg or Siege of Vicksburg
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